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About the Showcase

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As a legendary activist who fought for women’s rights, one of Sojourner Truth’s major achievements is little known: She was the first Black woman to successfully win a legal case in the court system. The time has never been better to put Sojourner in the spotlight.


The seven-member cast of Dust of Egypt enjoyed three-sold performances at the 2022 WinterFest Showcase/Competition sponsored by the prestigious New York Theater Festival. The new 60-minute play illuminates black abolitionist and women’s rights advocate Sojourner Truth’s unrelenting fight to rescue her son after he is abducted and taken down South.


Desi Waters won a “Best Actress” Award for her moving portrayal of Sojourner Truth. Of the 2022 WinterFest’s 90 shows performed at the Theater Latea, Dust of Egypt was one of nine shows nominated in the “Best Production” and “Best Director” categories.

Helmed by acclaimed director Rhonda PASSION Handsome, the Dust of Egypt showcase featured a talented cast, including: Jade Cayne, Austin Iredale, Daniel Martin, Eliott Johnson, Eric Ruffin, Jeanna Schweppe, and Desi Waters. The creative team also included Dr. Jaye Austin Williams (dramaturge) and Domani Productions (producers).

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