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Dust of Egypt, a new one-act play, dramatizes the inspiring activist Sojourner Truth's little-known fight to rescue her young son Peter after he is taken from New York State down South. The play explores tangled race relations, the price of injustice, forgiveness and faith, resiliency and releasing the past.

Why Now

There's never been a better time for Dust of Egypt! This intense one-act drama:

Explores injustice and its ongoing human toll.

Celebrates incredible courage and resilience.

Shares Sojourner's vision of a better future.


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"Dust of Egypt is one of the greatest plays I’ve ever read. It’s more about what is happening today, almost metaphorically through this character, Sojourner. It’s really compelling, it’s passionate and the detail is remarkable."


~ reg e gaines ~

two-time Tony Award nominated playwright

& Grammy Award nominated lyricist

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